7 photographers in their town


One life. A life for two. To build. Family. One life, a life for two to fight against loneliness.

One life, Two life, Three life... a family for the gift: of the name, of blood, of oneself.

One life, a whole life.

Like a homage to my father, recently dead, like a memory recall to my mother of her widow condition.

On each hours and each age of life, Death strikes us, dull banality, scattering a little more our lonlinesses.Whether we wait for it or not, whether we fear it or not.

Those which were two in the dream to be only One gains their dream... but alone.

The other one yields the step, bequeathing its only hope.


This serie, has been realised for the Festival de l' Image 2003 with the assistance of la Caisse des dépots et Consignation, in collaboration with the photographers Didier Bordes,Jean Pierre Dastugue, Pascal Drouard, Jean François Lecourt, Jean François Mollière and Georges Pacheco, first time shown Octobre 2003 in gardroom of Theodore-Monod parc, Le Mans (France).